Ibtiseme Tour, established in 2005, active in various markets as Incoming Agency in Europe, South Africa, the Far East, CIS and the Middle East; has prepared this site for our valued tour operators and guests based on our high standards of service and years of experience in the business.

  •    Here are some of the attributes that have brought us to today;
  •    Being open to the values and ideas of you, our valued partners.
  •    An administration that accepts team work as a guiding principle.
  •    A professional team working with the spirit of amateurs.
  •    A philosophy that states travelers are our guests not just our customers.
  •    Dedication to our most important goal:  guest satisfaction.
  •    A structure that gives the utmost importance to details.
  •    Perfectionism and a willingness to change with the times.
  •    Not foregetting to smile even under the most difficult situations.

Ibtiseme Tour, a member of turkish Travel Agencies Association since the day it was established, has been providing all services required of it successfully and will continue to do so…We as Ibtiseme Tour are celebrating our 9rd year and feel honoured to invite you, our valued tour operators, and your guests to share the privilege of our services.

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